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5 DevOps Trends Worth Knowing In 2019, April 11th, 2019

"DevOps today is more than the buzzword it was 10 years ago. Back then, the idea of combining development with production in your IT infrastructure was not common; the logistics were nonexistent and most of the time businesses decided it was far too much effort.

However, if the last nine years has taught us anything, it's that DevOps is worth every penny businesses invest. It helps companies streamline production, keep customers happy and provide agile services to attract new audiences..."

8 Challenges Devops Faces Today
InformationWeek, April 11th, 2019

"DevOps adoption is growing - and facing some growing pains, including a fair share of cultural issues...

If you're an enterprise IT leader, chances are good that you've at least heard of DevOps. In fact, your organization has likely experimented with at least some DevOps techniques. In the 2018 Interop State of DevOps Report, only 3% of the 150 business technology decision makers surveyed said they weren't at all familiar with the approach, while a full 84% said that they were 'familiar' or 'very familiar' with key DevOps concepts. In addition, two-thirds of those who took part in the study said they had either implemented DevOps in their organizations or planned to do so within twelve months. Only 9% said their organization had no DevOps plans..."

How To Scale DevOps: 10 Expert Tips
The Enterprisers Project, April 8th, 2019

"Doing DevOps and doing it at scale are two very different things. Here's how to push past barriers to wider success

For many organizations, the first steps on the journey to DevOps don't involve much pain. Small, passionate teams form, new processes take the place of old ones, and people achieve early wins..."

"A well-designed DevOps toolchain ensures efficient and reliable code deployment and management throughout the lifecycle...

DevOps pipelines or CICD pipelines are a series of tools combined to ensure rapid and reliable application delivery. A toolchain is a combination of tools used to construct the pipeline, where each tool fulfills a specific task or function.

A well-designed DevOps toolchain ensures efficient and reliable code deployment and management throughout the lifecycle. Creating toolchain which is flexible enough to meet changing demands requires independent and modular components..."

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