"Properly backing up your data in a secure manner is tantamount to keeping your cherished memories and important files stored safely...

Every year on March 31, IT pros around the world celebrate World Backup Day. In an age where there seems to be a holiday for just about anything, this one brings worldwide attention to backing up our data - something that affects most denizens of this planet to one degree or another.

The aim of the day is to focus on our responsibility as technology users to do the best job we can to care for our data by ensuring that we implement and follow a back-up plan for protecting the data we utilize daily..."

7 Critical Steps In Testing A Disaster Recovery Plan
Information Management, April 8th, 2019

"There's a tension with disaster recovery plans - healthcare organizations have them, but hope they never use them. And while no one wants to discover that a disaster recovery is over-resourced - with too much time, money and energy spent on maintaining it - yet it needs regular stress testing to ensure it will do its job..."

"You can do a lot to take the edge off people's concerns, maintain the company's reputation, and minimize any long-term damage when you put a plan in place.

When developing and testing a disaster recovery (DR) plan, it's easy to focus on the tech side of things. But thinking about the larger business needs is crucial to ensuring that your DR plan protects you in the event of a disaster.

When something goes wrong at your business, be prepared to explain to customers, employees, partners, board members, and others what's going on and how you're addressing the problem. I recommend considering the following seven steps while you create a plan to ensure you're ready..."

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