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"With the right kind of software intelligence, CIOs can keep risk low while modernizing systems for future success...

Software is becoming more and more complex, and as a result, it's become increasingly difficult to have a true, real-time grasp of what's actually in software portfolios. From undocumented features, to unknown security vulnerabilities to code libraries used, CIOs and their teams are making big decisions in the dark every day. And, unintentionally of course, this lack of informed decision making puts the organization at great risk..."

7 Mindsets Of The Most Effective IT Leaders
The Enterprisers Project, April 11th, 2019

"It's more important to be effective than correct: One of seven mindsets that have fueled my leadership career - and might fuel yours...

Developing great leaders is about showing them better ways to think. This helps them to operate more quickly, with more eloquence, and with more confidence, which ultimately makes them more effective and successful.

I've been fortunate to have great mentors throughout my career who did this with me, and along the way I've developed my own leadership principles that I impart onto others..."

"In my tech market forecasts, I am starting to see the intersection of two worrisome trends:

Software subscription fees for multitenant SaaS or for single-instance hosted software are rising rapidly, with a growing percentage related to existing software as opposed to new and with a high percentage having fixed annual fees or fees tied to metrics with little relationship with company revenues.

A small but rising risk of recessions is apparent, which could reduce company revenues by 5% or more.

The combination of these two factors could place CIOs in a bind where a significant portion of their tech budget is rising inexorably but the potential for their CEOs to ask them to cut tech budgets is also rising. To see whether CIOs will face this situation, I would recommend that they ask and answer the following questions ..."

"The time may finally have arrived when CIO no longer means 'career is over.'

As technology drives nearly every business imaginable today, the role of the chief information officer in managing enterprise information technology is not only becoming more important, it is beginning to be viewed as a key stepping stone to top corporate leadership.

This trend can be seen in the number of CIOs who have moved on to become chief executive officers of major business units or companies. One of the earliest examples happened in 2004 when Dawn Lepore moved from her role as CIO of Charles Schwab & Co. into the top executive chair at"

"What should business people know about artificial intelligence and other emerging technology trends in 2019? Quantitative futurist and author, Amy Webb, shares her research with Michael Krigsman and CxOTalk.

Amy Webb Biography

Amy Webb is a quantitative futurist and professor of strategic foresight at NYU and founder of the Future Today Institute, a leading foresight and strategy firm. Now in its second decade, the Future Today Institute helps leaders and their organizations prepare for deep uncertainties and complex futures..."

"The wealth of new technologies being deployed has left CIOs facing something of an identity crisis...

The role of the CIO isn't what it used to be. Recent technological developments have highlighted an apparent divide between what an organisation wants, and what its IT team is actually able to deliver. Faced with emerging technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML), for example, IT teams are now expected to do more, at greater speed. As a result, CIOs have found themselves under increasing pressure to demonstrate their value to their business..."

CEO Money Videos (Episodes 39 - 42)
CEO Money, April 12th, 2019

Episode 42: Mel Lisiten
  • Mel Lisiten began his career in the fashion industry as a design and marketing entrepreneur with a business and art background. He soon built several fashion companies, one of which became, and still is a huge international sportswear brand ...

Episode 41: Derrick Miles

  • Derrick is Chairman + Founder of TMB Equity Partners (executive team are former healthcare executives with 15+ years of experience); a boutique firm focused on investing/developing innovative healthcare solutions that achieve a liquidity event ..

Episode 40: Craig Todd

  • Craig Todd is a certified advisor at Economic Strategist, a financial institution focused on providing the tools you need to ensure complete financial safety in all of your personal or professional financial areas - especially those that are ...

Episode 39: Nick Cherukuri

  • At ThirdEye Gen, we are developing the next generation of Augmented Reality for both the Commercial and Consumer worlds. AR brings about a new era of human interaction - via directly interacting with surrounding objects through the Internet of ...

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"CIOs and CISOs around the world have held back from implementing critical measures that keep them resilient against disruption and cyber threats.

Over eight out of ten (81%) said that they have refrained from adopting an important security update or patch, due to concerns about the impact it might have on business operations. In fact, over half (52%) said they had done so on more than one occasion, according to the new research released by Tanium..."

"What are the roles and responsibilities of the CISO at one of the world's largest healthcare providers?...

Spencer Mott is the SVP and global CISO (chief information security officer) at McKesson, the global healthcare provider. In his position, his roles and responsibilities include what you'd expect from most CISOs. This includes being involved with compliance risk, assurance trust, and security operations and technology..."

"The story goes that in the third century BC, the king of Syracuse ordered that Archimedes - the famous Greek inventor - find a way to determine whether his crown was made entirely out of pure gold, or whether he had been cheated. After agonizing in vain to come up with a solution, Archimedes ran himself a bath. Upon entering, he noticed that the more his body sunk, the more water was displaced - making the displaced water a precise measurement of his volume. Recognizing that gold was heavier than other metals - and could thus be tested in the same way - Archimedes exclaimed 'Eureka!'..."

5 Digital Transformation Archetypes: Which One Are You?
The Enterprisers Project, April 12th, 2019

"Is your organization an ad hoc digital transformer or a cloud-first transformer? You'll find challenges common to each of five archetypes, research says...

While nearly every IT organization on the planet is engaged in some form of digital transformation, not everyone has the same appetite for disruption. Several years into these digital transformation efforts, however, some key archetypes are emerging..."

How To Be An Edgy CIO
CIO, April 12th, 2019

"What leaders need to know about how edge computing is shaping the future of business...

Edge computing is not new, but its applications for business have rapidly evolved over the past decade. I initially implemented an edge solution for ACI Specialty Benefits back in 2010 because we were collecting petabytes of wearable and biometric data. The delivery, processing, and storage of this data became too expensive and latent to ship and translate into usable real-time analytics. With the need to reduce network latency, bandwidth requirements and cost, it made sense to process this data closer, or at the edge, of our wide area network (WAN)..."

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