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"Most companies lack incident response plans, others fail to test them and nearly half are not GDPR compliant, but some report improved security through automation, a study shows...

The majority of organisations are still unprepared to respond properly to cyber security incidents, with 77% of more than 3,600 security and IT professionals polled indicating they do not have a cyber security incident response plan (CSIRP) applied consistently across the enterprise..."

"Half of organisations fear security breaches and regulation non-compliance due to unstructured data, according to research from Crown Records Management...

UK CIOs have revealed the potential threat of 'dark' (unused) and unstructured data that lurks within medium and large organisations.

Nine out of 10 respondents in research from Crown Records Management said that unstructured 'data oceans' - a wealth of data which is difficult to view, access and secure - are a problem and pose security risks and non-compliance challenges with data regulations..."

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