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Commvault vs. Veeam
Enterprise Storage Forum, April 12th, 2019

"Commvault and Veeam are active competitors whose core business is backup and recovery management.

Commvault is a public company with 2,500 employees and 2018 revenue of $670 million, a 7% year-over-year increase. Veeam is a private company that reports 2,000 employees and a 2018 revenue of $963 million, up 16% from 2017. It is profitable but still accepts investment funds - $500,000 in 2018.

Commvault is focused on keeping enterprise market leadership by continuously developing new backup products and enhancements to meet changing data storage market needs. Another of its strategies is to under price its virtual backup offering in competition with Veeam, whose core competency is virtual data protection..."

"Over 323,622 professionals have used IT Central Station research. Here are the top backup and recovery software vendors based on product reviews, ratings, and comparisons. All reviews and ratings are from real users, validated by company's triple authentication process.

The total ranking of a product, represented by the bar length, is based on a weighted aggregate score..."

"Are you ready for your next data migration project? Take the Myspace migration failure as motivation to implement data source and backup best practices...

Every data and server migration is different, as are the procedures used to ensure a successful one. Every migration, though, carries with it a responsibility for ensuring the protection of the migrating data.

Myspace, for example, recently lost a huge amount of data during a server migration. There are data migration best practices for backup that can cut down on the likelihood that an irreversible failure like the one suffered by Myspace -- and its users -- will happen..."

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