The Surprise AI Trend That's Directly Impacting Bottom Lines
VentureBeat, April 12th, 2019
April 12, 2019,
Volume 253, Issue 2

"We've been keeping tabs on the automation trend, from the 'robots-are-stealing jobs' story to the rise in interest in robotic process automation (RPA), which, in a surprise upset, is becoming one of the biggest AI and tech trends across industries. (Honestly, we thought it was going to be the John Legend thing.)

RPA has been around for a while. Traditionally, it's referred to automating discrete tasks, such as book-keeping, data entry, inventory management, invoice and contract management, IT services like software deployment, and so on. But now AI is being infused, allowing not only automation but intelligent decision-making on top, thus the new moniker: 'Intelligent' RPA..."

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