Data Center Giants Announce New High-Speed Interconnect
networkworld, March 12th, 2019
March 12, 2019,
Volume 252, Issue 2

"A group of big names in the data center space have linked arms to develop yet another high-speed interconnect, this one designed to connect processor chips.

It's called Compute Express Link, or CXL, which is aimed at plugging data-center CPUs into accelerator chips. Members of the alliance that developed the spec are Intel, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, HPE, Cisco, and Dell-EMC, plus Huawei and Alibaba.

Where are IBM, AMD, Nvidia, Xilinx, or any of the ARM server vendors such as Marvell/Cavium? They have their own PCIe-nased spec, called CCIX. The group consists of AMD, Arm, Mellanox, Qualcomm, Xilinx, and Huawei.

There's also the OpenCAPI effort, led by IBM and includes OpenCAPI Consortium, founded in October 2016 by AMD, Google, IBM, Mellanox, Micron, Nvidia, HPE, Dell EMC, and Xilinx. So several of them are double-dipping, while everyone else seems to have chosen sides. Don't you just love unity in technology?..."

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