Best IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tools In 2019
Business 2 Community, March 11th, 2019
March 11, 2019,
Volume 252, Issue 2

"All IT departments deal with it. Server, network and applications issues arise, and they must react as quickly as possible. These situations are disruptive, stressful, and can result in downtime that impacts operations (and profits) of the entire organization. Per last year's report, the average IT downtime costs rounded up to $1.55 million. What's even more problematic is that outrages result in 545 hours of staff productivity losses per annum.

For these reasons, businesses are increasingly investing in application performance monitoring (APM) and server monitoring software, among other solutions. Since it really is not a question of if infrastructure monitoring is a required solution for businesses, the question becomes which tools to use.

Romexsoft SysOps and tech support engineers have narrowed down the following list for your consideration..."

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