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Dev And Ops: Not From Different Planets, March 13th, 2019

"At a conference, I heard a speaker remark that 'Dev people are from Mars while Ops people are from Venus.' That's catchy and captures what a fair number of managers believe instinctively. But is it really true? I'm not convinced.

We all know that DevOps enables us to deliver software faster, with fewer bugs and much less downtime than traditional approaches. But DevOps is new, complex and often challenging for teams to embrace. Developers often guard their tools and operations shake their head each time they hear about some new asset bundling package they have to support. I think the first few meetings of Dev and Ops probably do a lot to build the notion that they are from different planets..."

How Design Thinking Can Supercharge Devops Work
The Enterprisers Project, March 13th, 2019

"DevOps teams may focus primarily on speed. But speed alone doesn't improve customer experience - and that's where design thinking comes in...

Why has design thinking emerged as a complement to DevOps approaches in IT?

It's a logical fit. In essence, DevOps picks up where design thinking techniques leave off. 'There is a natural fit between DevOps and design thinking,' says Zak Islam, head of engineering for Atlassian's Jira Platform. 'The design thinking framework encourages engineers to start with the customer in mind, and DevOps focuses on delivering the best customer experience.'

"How can we improve results by identifying and updating long-held IT assumptions when we're planning resource and budgets for upcoming projects? Let's consider what to reboot or update for 2019.

IT always has been, a factory for new terms, acronyms, and abbreviations. Shifting nomenclature exacerbates already accelerating technology complexity. Even tech pros with good intentions can use buzzwords that cause confusion, may have little actual meaning, or worse, perpetuate misconceptions.

Organisations seeking to use new technology for innovation and competitive edge are particularly vulnerable. Engineers need to mitigate risk in the face of new unknowns by relying on proven processes. It's human nature- we call them rules of thumb. The problem is that some of our most useful rules may no longer apply..."

"Born out of a necessity to streamline the application development and deployment process across an organization, DevOps has become an agile methodology that has successfully served developers and IT operation teams in scores of global enterprises to enable continuous value delivery.

Whether to quickly drive a new product or service to market to thwart competitive advancements, or simply to infuse agility and speed into the application development process, DevOps has made its mark by establishing a new fluid collaboration between all parties involved in the 'app dev' chain..."

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