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"When it comes to monetary transactions, you don't want to just be honest and dependable. You need to go above and beyond to ensure security, transparency, and credibility. Credit card conversations cannot truly begin without talking about PCI compliance.

Yes, you also need to be thinking about security with SSL certificates. There's American Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance, 508 Compliance, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Compliance, and so many more that your business needs to consider. However, PCI compliance is an essential piece of the puzzle that needs to be there from the start.

Here's what you need to know:..."

Why We Need Data Ethics
ITProPortal, March 11th, 2019

"As Facebook and Cambridge Analytica taught us, the opportunity to abuse data is overwhelming. For these reasons, we need to embrace the concept of data ethics.

'With great power, comes great responsibility.' Comic book fans will quickly recognise this quote as the words inspiring Peter Parker to become Spider-man. Others will note that Voltaire said it first. Nevertheless, as important as this quote is to history or to Spidey's future, I think it has even greater relevance for technologists in our data-driven world..."

"Businesses routinely delayed data breach disclosure and failed to provide important details to the ICO in the year prior to the GDPR's enactment.

On average, businesses waited three weeks after discovery to report a breach to the ICO, while the worst offending organization waited 142 days. The vast majority (91%) of reports to the ICO failed to include important information such as the impact of the breach, recovery process and dates, according to the Redscan's new Freedom of Information (FOI) request data from the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO)..."

"Digital transformation is a burgeoning change in the world of business and technology. Organizational leaders are piping with excitement at the wealth of opportunities to grow their business and seize a considerable return on investment. As a result, these leaders can be blindsided by the risks of digital transformation. One considerable risk that initially seems innocuous revolves around software compliance and auditing..."

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