"Here the $64,000 question for business owners: what's the best way to boost sales and increase profitability? And here's the answer: you need to know who your customers are and solve their problems better than the competition.

OK, that was an easy one. Now, here's your bonus question: what's the best way to know your customers and respond to their needs? The answer is with a powerful combination of customer relationship management (CRM) software and automated marketing. But what does that actually mean?..."

"In the post-CRM world, organisations need to take advantage of the data they already have to inform sales decisions and improve success rates...

Customer-relationship management (CRM) changed the way that sales teams operate- suddenly enterprise sellers had a system of record for contacts, opportunities and accounts.

As with anything, there was always a push back about sales people entering in data, because they didn't necessarily feel they were getting the value back; and certainly it was true that the data in the CRM system didn't enhance the quality of their engagement with customers..."

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