A Beginner's Guide To Project Management Offices (PMOs)
PMWord 360, March 8th, 2019
"What is a project management office?

In general, a PMO exists to ensure an organization realizes the value of its investments in projects, usually focused on improving the stability and reliability of solution delivery, project management, and outcome management processes. In reality, PMOs can take many forms and may have a variety of functions, which gives rise to the various names..."

22 Best Marketing Project Management Tools For Successful Projects
Business 2 Community, March 6th, 2019
"As a marketing project manager, you need access to a quality project management tool. That way, you can keep your project on track and your team operating effectively.

But in a saturated market, how do you choose the best tool?

This article is here to help you choose. It isn't just another list of project management tools. Instead, we'll take a deep dive into these tools and assess how they fit into your key requirements..."

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