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Untangling The Blockchain: Debunking Myths And Uncovering Success
Informationage, March 6th, 2019
"Tazz Gault, co-founder and director of StateZero Labs, debunks the blockchain myths and uncovers the real business success stories...

The 10th anniversary of bitcoin this year rightly prompted a lot of soul-searching amongst blockchain proponents. While the demand for industry-specific engineers is skyrocketing, many senior industry figures are increasingly sceptical that the technology will have any application in the real world..."

The Difference Between Blockchain And A Database Explained
ComputerWorld, March 6th, 2019
"Blockchain has been accused by detractors as nothing more than a more complicated and expensive database. While both technologies offer data storage and management, blockchain has one unique feature a database will never replicate...

Bockchain distributed ledger technology (DLT) has been touted as the answer for just about every transactional issue facing the world today - from payment processing and supply chain tracking to digital identities and copyright protection..."

How Blockchain Storage Could Benefit The Enterprise
SearchStorage, March 5th, 2019
"Whether your organization is a potential buyer or seller of blockchain data storage, the technology could change how you look at storage. Discover where blockchain is headed...

Blockchain storage is still in the early stages of development, and many believe it isn't ready for prime time, especially when it comes to handling large volumes of data. Even so, two primary roles have emerged that could drive blockchain data storage in the enterprise: selling excess storage and leasing storage from one of the emerging blockchain service providers..."

Blockchain Spending In 2019 To Grow To $2.9 Billion, 88.7% Growth Since 2018
NEWSBTC, March 4th, 2019
"The amount spent on blockchain technology by businesses seeking to utilise the trust-enhancing features of distributed ledgers is expected to grow to $2.9 million in 2019. This would represent a growth of 88.7% over the $1.5 billion spent on the technology during 2018.

The reported figures come from the International Data Corporation (IDC) who recently updated its 'Worldwide Semiannual Blockchain Spending Guide.' According to a representative for the IDC, the tech has moved out of the design phase and into actual use and this shift will drive a lot of the expected spending through the next ten months..."

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