The 20 Best Examples Of Using Artificial Intelligence For Retail Experiences
Forbes, March 4th, 2019
"The basic retail experience hasn't changed much over the years: go into a store, look for the right product and make a purchase. Artificial intelligence has the potential to completely transform the traditional retail experience and take it to the next level with personalization, automation and increased efficiency. And it's already happening! Here are 20 of the best examples of AI to improve the retail experience..."
Artificial Intelligence: The Terminator Of Malware
Dark Reading, March 5th, 2019
"For many of us, The Terminator series introduced us to the potential dangers of artificial intelligence (AI). As Skynet's advanced AI became self-aware, it concluded that humanity was a threat to its existence and sprang into self-preservation mode, ultimately triggering a nuclear holocaust and deploying an army of Terminators to battle the resistance.

While this was purely fictional back in 1984, 35 years later, AI-powered threats are the new reality and raises the question: Are we headed for a Skynet-like future in which AI takes over the world? Perhaps we're not quite there yet, but the ingredients are all there and it could be a potential recipe for disaster..."

Three AI Developments That Will Rock The Startup World
Forbes, March 4th, 2019
"Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere. It quietly integrated itself in nearly every aspect of our lives. Still, this technology is in its infancy and we don't entirely understand its full potential. We cringe at the idea of data being mined by governments, as reported in an amazing story on CBS's 60 Minutes. Yet, we laugh at Super Bowl ads depicting a of a dog ordering food through Amazon's Alexa. We worry about Big Brother, but excitedly lap up every Cortana or Siri update hoping it makes life just a little bit more interesting and easier..."
Ml And AI In Cyber Security: Real Opportunities Overshadowed By Hype
Information Age, March 7th, 2019
"There's a debate raging among techies around AI's ability to aid the cyber security industry. While a number of vendors claim to use AI to fend off attacks, others say it's over-hyped.

If you define AI as something that can emulate human decision-making, there's a chance you'll be disappointed when you find out how limited AI solutions for cyber security really are..."

Artificial Intelligence And Cybersecurity: Attacking And Defending
Information Management, March 7th, 2019
"Cybersecurity is a manpower-constrained market - therefore, the opportunities for artificial intelligence (AI) automation are vast. Frequently, AI is used to make certain defensive aspects of cybersecurity more wide-reaching and effective. Combating spam and detecting malware are prime examples.

On the opposite side, there are many incentives to using AI when attempting to attack vulnerable systems belonging to others. These incentives include the speed of attack, low costs and difficulties attracting skilled staff in an already constrained environment..."

AI vs. Machine Learning: What's The Difference?
The Enterprisers Project, March 4th, 2019
"Artificial intelligence and machine learning get lumped together so often these days that it'd be easy for people to mistake them as synonymous. That's not quite accurate, though: They're most certainly connected but not actually interchangeable.

'Artificial intelligence and machine learning are closely related, so it's no surprise that the terms are used loosely and interchangeably,' says Bill Brock, VP of engineering at Very.

If you're not using AI or ML yet, you soon will be evaluating its potential for your organization..."

Book Review: Deep Learning Revolution By Terrence J. Sejnowski
insideBIGDATA, March 5th, 2019
"The new MIT Press title 'Deep Learning Revolution,' by Professor Terrence J. Sejnowski, offers a useful historical perspective coupled with a contemporary look at the technologies behind the fast moving field of deep learning. This is not a technical book about deep learning principles or practices in the same class as my favorite 'Deep Learning' by Goodfellow, Bengio, and Courville that provides a critical survey of the field's state-of-the-art. Deep Learning Revolution, in contrast, gives a perspective for how the field has progressed since it's inception, and leads the reader along each turn of a very twisted path. In another perspective, the book reads a lot like a memoir by the author, giving an overview of the advancement of deep learning over the time of his career..."
    GE Says It's Leveraging Artificial Intelligence To Cut Product Design Times In Half
    Forbes, March 6th, 2019
    "Artificial intelligence is helping computers drive cars, recognize faces in a crowd and hold lifelike conversations. General Electric engineers now say they've used the data-intensive technology to develop tools that could cut the industrial giant's design process for jet engines and power turbines in at least half, speeding up its next generation of products..."

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