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IT - CxO
Amy Webb highlights over 300 tech trends in annual report (378+ Pages)
VentureBeat, March 9th, 2019
5 Must-Read Harvard Business Review Articles In March
The Enterprisers Project, March 4th, 2019
Five Tech Trends You Don't Want To Miss
ITProPortal, March 5th, 2019
Video: Jeremy Wong, Skylab.World (CEO Money - Episode 19 - 12m)
CEOMONEY, March 6th, 2019
Video: Digital Transformation At Siemens USA: CEO Interview Barbara Humpton (CxOTalk #330 - 45m)
CXOTALK, March 6th, 2019
The First 100 Days Of The New CISO: Expectations vs. Reality
Business 2 Community, March 4th, 2019
Meet The Chief Transformation Officer: 8 Key Tasks For This New Role
The Enterprisers Project, March 7th, 2019
Challenges That Cause CISOs To Fail
Forbes, March 8th, 2019
Why Do Big Corporates Lag Behind When It Comes To Innovation?
ITProPortal, March 8th, 2019
IT - Storage
WW Enterprise Storage Systems Market Revenue Up 7.4% Y/Y In 4Q18 At $14.5 Billion - IDC, March 8th, 2019
Western Digital Storage Strategy
Forbes, March 5th, 2019
IDC: SANs And Filers Still Alive And Kicking...
The Register, March 8th, 2019
All-Flash Vs. Hybrid Flash - Choosing What's Right For You
Data Center Knowledge, March 4th, 2019
IT - Security
Enterprise Attitudes To Cybersecurity: Strategies To Balance Risk And Business Acceleration
HelpNet Security, March 4th, 2019
Incident Response: Having A Plan Isn't Enough
Dark Reading, March 5th, 2019
Your Network Security Strategy: Time To Update Or Reboot?
Network Computing, March 4th, 2019
Wordpress Accounted For 90 Percent Of All Hacked CMS Sites In 2018
ZDNet, March 5th, 2019
Security Leaders Suffering From 'Cyber Fatigue'
ITProPortal, March 4th, 2019
Key 2019 Cybersecurity Industry Trends
HelpNet Security, March 5th, 2019
Identity And Access Management: Who Are We Online?
Government Technology, March 4th, 2019
How To Make People Sit Up And Use 2-Factor Auth
The Register, March 6th, 2019
FBI: How We Stopped The Mirai Botnet Attacks
SearchSecurity, March 7th, 2019
Debunking 5 Myths About Zero Trust Security
Dark Reading, March 7th, 2019
5G Cybersecurity Concerns And Physical Challenges: What You Need To Know
TechRepublic, March 7th, 2019
IT Teams Are Struggling With Network Infrastructure Challenges Caused By The Cloud
HelpNet Security, March 4th, 2019
What Are 4 Essential Social CRM Strategies?
SearchCRM, March 5th, 2019
Culture Change 101: Collaborate With HR To Drive Transformation
CIO, March 5th, 2019
The 20 Best Examples Of Using Artificial Intelligence For Retail Experiences
Forbes, March 4th, 2019
Artificial Intelligence: The Terminator Of Malware
Dark Reading, March 5th, 2019
Three AI Developments That Will Rock The Startup World
Forbes, March 4th, 2019
Ml And AI In Cyber Security: Real Opportunities Overshadowed By Hype
Information Age, March 7th, 2019
Artificial Intelligence And Cybersecurity: Attacking And Defending
Information Management, March 7th, 2019
AI vs. Machine Learning: What's The Difference?
The Enterprisers Project, March 4th, 2019
Book Review: Deep Learning Revolution By Terrence J. Sejnowski
insideBIGDATA, March 5th, 2019
GE Says It's Leveraging Artificial Intelligence To Cut Product Design Times In Half
Forbes, March 6th, 2019
IT - Humor
Throwback Thursday: Straight To The Point
ComputerWorld, March 7th, 2019
IT - Technology
USB4: Based On Thunderbolt 3. Two Times The Data Rate, At 40Gbps
The Register, March 4th, 2019
Inside The High-Stakes Race To Make Quantum Computers Work
Wired, March 8th, 2019
Best Raspberry Pi Alternatives (March 2019)
ZDNet, March 8th, 2019
A Brief Guide To USB 4 For Mac And IoS Users
ComputerWorld, March 8th, 2019
5 Major Robotics Trends To Watch For In 2019
Forbes, March 8th, 2019
IT - Blockchain
Untangling The Blockchain: Debunking Myths And Uncovering Success
Informationage, March 6th, 2019
The Difference Between Blockchain And A Database Explained
ComputerWorld, March 6th, 2019
How Blockchain Storage Could Benefit The Enterprise
SearchStorage, March 5th, 2019
Blockchain Spending In 2019 To Grow To $2.9 Billion, 88.7% Growth Since 2018
NEWSBTC, March 4th, 2019
VR Tool Uses Virtual Humans For Soft Skills Training
HR Dive, March 5th, 2019
Can AR Glasses Help Firefighters Gain Situational Awareness?
StateTech, March 7th, 2019
AR's Digital Transformation Is Just Beginning - And It Will Be Unlike Anything We Have Seen
ITProPortal, March 6th, 2019
A Beginner's Guide To Project Management Offices (PMOs)
PMWord 360, March 8th, 2019
22 Best Marketing Project Management Tools For Successful Projects
Business 2 Community, March 6th, 2019
IT - Operations
Windows By The Numbers: Windows 7 Is One Obstinate OS
ComputerWorld, March 4th, 2019
The Data Center Is Being Reimagined, Not Disappearing
Networkworld, March 5th, 2019
Lithium-Ion Batteries Offer A Definitive, Sustainable And Cost-Effective Advantage For UPS
Data Center Dynamics, March 4th, 2019
Care And Feeding Of Your SIEM
Dark Reading, March 5th, 2019
5 Trends Driving The Design Of Next-Generation Data Centers
Information Management, March 7th, 2019
IT - Database
2019 Database Trends - SQL vs. NoSQL, Top Databases, Single vs. Multiple Database Use
ScaleGrid, March 4th, 2019
IT - Server
IDC Release 4Q18 Worldwide Server Tracker, March 7th, 2019
A Year-To-Year Comparison Of The Gartner Magic Quadrant For Hyperconverged Infrastructure
CIO, March 8th, 2019
8 Best Server Monitoring Software Solutions
ServerWatch, March 4th, 2019
IT - Linux
Virtual Filesystems In Linux: Why We Need Them And How They Work, March 8th, 2019
Linux 5.0 Introduces New Security Capabilities
eWeek, March 4th, 2019
Get Started With Powershell Core On Linux
SearchDataCenter, March 7th, 2019
The Document Foundation Announces Libreoffice 6.2.1
The Document Foundation, March 6th, 2019
IT - DevOps
Q&A: Devops Institute's Jayne Groll On The Future Of DevOps
InformationWeek, March 6th, 2019
How To Apply Agile And DevOps Principles To Accelerate Customer Experience Innovation, March 7th, 2019
7 Must-Have Skills For Enterprise DevOps Practitioners
TechRepublic, March 4th, 2019
IT - Cloud
Worldwide Spending On Public Cloud Services And Infrastructure To Increase 23.8% Over 2018
HelpNet Security, March 5th, 2019
The Ugly Truth About Cloud Computing In The Enterprise
Javaworld, March 5th, 2019
Cloud Cost Control Becoming A Leading Issue For Businesses
ZDNet, March 4th, 2019
Choosing The Right Kind Of Hybrid Cloud Management
ComputerWeekly, March 4th, 2019
10 Key Takeaways From Rightscale 2019 State Of The Cloud Report From Flexera
Forbes, March 4th, 2019
IT - Wireless
IDC: 5G Phones Will Grow From 0.5% Market Share In 2019 To 26% In 2023
VentureBeat, March 6th, 2019
IT - Networks
Wireshark 3.0 Released As World's Most Popular Network Protocol Analyze
Softpedia News, March 4th, 2019
The Switch To 400 GbE May Be Closer Than You Think
SearchNetworking, March 5th, 2019
A Practical Approach To IBN And Improved IT Automation
Network Computing, March 5th, 2019
IT - IoT
What Is Shadow IoT? How To Mitigate The Risk
CSO Online, March 5th, 2019
Prognosis For Health Care IoT: Six Predictions For 2019
Forbes, March 4th, 2019
IotT Future-Proofing For The Long Haul, March 4th, 2019
6 Top Skills That Organizations Need For IoT Success
Information Management, March 5th, 2019
IT - Careers
What Is An IT Auditor? A Vital Role For Risk Assessment
CIO, March 5th, 2019
Want The Job? Go Around HR
Ask The Headhunter, March 5th, 2019
IT Talent Shortages: What Businesses Are Doing To Cope
InformationWeek, March 7th, 2019
The Hybrid Engineer: A New Job For A New Network
ITProPortal, March 5th, 2019
Cybersecurity Experts: The Market Is Good, But Don't Take Your Next Job For Granted
Data Center Knowledge, March 9th, 2019
15 IT Certifications Worth Watching
The Enterprisers Project, March 6th, 2019
11 Most Difficult IT Jobs For Employers To Fill
CIO, March 6th, 2019
IT - Virtualization
Moving To Containers - What You Need To Know
ITProPortal, March 4th, 2019
6 Critical Factors To Consider When Deploying Containers
TechRepublic, March 7th, 2019
IT - Compliance
Meta-Analysis: Timelines And Budgets For GDPR Compliance
iapp, March 8th, 2019
9 Steps Organizations Can Take To Get Ahead Of New Data Privacy Laws
Information Management, March 4th, 2019
IT - Backup
Top 25 Cloud Backup Enablers List For March 2019 - Backup Review, March 6th, 2019
13 Open Source Backup Solutions, March 7th, 2019
IT - Big Data
How Big Data Will Impact Different Sectors
ITProPortal, March 8th, 2019
How A Shortage Of Data Scientists In The Us Is Holding Back Big Data
SmartDataCollective, March 8th, 2019
IT - Encryption
SSL/TLS-Based Data Security Threats Are On The Rise
Information Management, March 5th, 2019
Cryptography Techniques Must Keep Pace With Threats, Experts Warn
SearchStorage, March 7th, 2019
IT - Tape
New Trends In Tape Storage
Enterprise Storage Forum, March 7th, 2019
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