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Coming Soon: On-Premises 5G Gear For Enterprises
Networkworld, February 8th, 2019

"As 5G networks become a reality, vendors including D-Link, Inseego, Netgear and Samsung are readying 5G gateways, routers and mobile hotspots...

With all major mobile carriers expected to offer 5G this year, enterprises that want to take advantage of this next-gen mobile data service need to start thinking about how to support it on site.

Anticipation is keen for 5G, given that it promises to deliver faster speeds and lower latency than the current premium wireless technology, 4G LTE. Ideally, 5G networks could deliver fast internet to areas of the country where wired broadband is unavailable, and more reliable connections to a variety of devices including not only computers and smartphones but also appliances, automobiles and security systems. But to use these services as a WAN option, businesses need hardware that can connect it to their existing wired and wireless LANs..."

"To most people, 5G is merely the successor to 4G LTE - the next generation of cellular connectivity for your phone.

And yes, that's what 5G will be for most people as carriers worldwide begin deploying the high-speed wireless connectivity starting in 2019.

But that's also a serious mischaracterization of 5G because it isn't just faster cellular service that'll enable you to stream high-resolution videos, games, and VR.

5G is virtually a complete overhaul of connectivity. It will be fast enough to replace home WiFi and as such will enable devices to truly always remain connected no matter where you are. 5G also has much higher bandwidth to support more devices that can connect simultaneously with less or no latency..."

"Yes, wireless carriers are talking up the consumer 5G dream, but the reality is that the real use cases are going to be all about the enterprise out of the gate...

The 5G race is well underway and rest assured you'll see a lot of hype, a few new devices with better bandwidth and promises that likely won't be delivered until 2020 at the earliest. But don't get distracted: 5G will be a business event first..."

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