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12 Storage Software Companies To Watch In 2019, February 4th, 2019

"2018 is over and we'll forget it pretty rapidly as it was not a memorable period except probably for a few confirmations and news around NVMe, cloud storage and multi-cloud approaches, M&A, file storage or SaaS backup. Interestingly, SDS pops-up in every segment of the storage industry. We expect 2019 to be more productive on the storage side than 2018.

Here is a selection 12 of them with great potential:..."

2018 Hard Disk Drive Results
Forbes, February 6th, 2019

"Following is a summary from the Coughlin Associates quarterly newsletter about HDD results in 2018 as well as information gleaned from announcements by the HDD companies. Note that changes in the ways that Seagate Technology and Western Digital report their HDD shipments have increased the possible error in these estimates.

Total HDD shipments in CQ4 2018 were down 9.7% compared with CQe 2018 (87.7 M units in Q4 2018 versus 97.1 M units in Q3 2018). This is after an 0.6% from CQ2 2018 to CQ3 2018, an 3.1% increase from CQ1 2018 to CQ2 2018, and an 10.7% decrease in CQ1 2018 from CQ4..."

What's The Best Way To Move Data To A Backup Site?
Networkworld, February 7th, 2019

"There are several ways of moving data to backup storage sites where it will be safe in a disaster, but none is perfect. Here are the upsides and downsides of each...

Everyone agrees that backups must be sent off site in order to protect your data from large disasters such as fire, earthquake, tornado, hurricane or flood.

If you store your backups in the same place you create your data, your backups will get destroyed along with your data. If you put them somewhere else, you at least have a chance at restoring data when the worst happens. The method you choose to get the data to another location will determine the likelihood and cost of such an event. Here are the various ways that people get data their off-site..."

2019 Storage Tech Predictions By MSys Technologies, February 8th, 2019

"2019 brings us to the second-last leg of this decade. From the last few years, IT professionals have been propagating rhetoric. They state that the technology landscape is seeing a revolutionary change. But, most of the revolutionary changes, has, over the time lost their gullibility. Thanks to the awe-inspiring technologies like AI, robotics, and upcoming 5G networks most tech pundits consider this decade to be a game changer in the technology sector, according to MSys Technologies LLC.

As the company makes headway into 2019, the Internet is bombarded with numerous tech prophecies.

The firm presents here its 2019 tech predictions based on its storage, cloud, DevOps and digital transformation expertise..."

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