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SD-WAN Creates New Security Challenges
Networkworld, February 8th, 2019

"Security is one of the top concerns of organizations deploying an SD-WAN. Fortinet's John Maddison explains what the SD-WAN security challenges are and how to address them...

SD-WAN products have been available for the better part of five years. Early adopters of the technology focused primarily on transport-related issues such as replacing or augmenting MPLS with broadband. As any technology matures and moves out of the early adopter phase, the buying criteria changes - and SD-WAN is no different...."

4 Trends Driving Accelerated SD-WAN Adoption
Network Computing, February 5th, 2019

"SD-WAN implementations are on the rise thanks to the potential cost savings, increased network resiliency, and better application performance they deliver...

SD-WAN adoption is growing at an impressive clip with the market predicted to reach $8 billion by 2021, according to analyst firm IDC. It's no wonder businesses are clamoring to tap into the many benefits provided by SD-WAN implementations including cost savings of up to 50 percent, increased network resiliency, and better application performance across complex network environments. But, there are also several broader trends contributing to the accelerated adoption of SD-WAN technology..."

Can IoT Networking Drive Adoption Of IPv6?
Networkworld, February 6th, 2019

"Enterprises have been slowly moving away from IPv4 and toward IPv6, but the process might be speeded up because adopting IPv6 has advantages for the booming business of networking the internet of things...

IPv6 has characteristics lacking in IPv4 that make it advantageous for internet of things deployments, such as supporting large IoT networks, helping preserve battery life of IoT devices and reducing administrative and maintenance burden. Could IoT be helping to drive IPv6 adoption in enterprise networks?..."

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