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Not-So-Big Gulp
computerworld, February 5th, 2019

"It's January, dry season in Colorado, and when this company moves to a new building, the server racks come along, of course, including the built-in air conditioning unit. But whereas the AC tubing in the old building ran up to the ceiling and connected to a drain, as recommended by the manufacturer, pilot fish's manager sees that the tube is bone dry, and says that won't be necessary - no money to do it..."

A Dog's Life: Dark Reading Caption Contest Winners
Dark Reading, February 8th, 2019

"What do a telephony protocol, butt-sniffing, and multifactor authentication have in common? A John Klossner cartoon! And the winners are...

Dark Reading reader Len Sebesta earns the top honors and a $25 Amazon gift card for his dog-surfing caption, penned below...."

Flashback Friday: A Little Too Efficient
ComputerWorld, February 8th, 2019

"This data center is being relocated, and movers are scheduled to transport four $75,000 UPS units for the 600-mile trip, reports pilot fish.

'I happened to be looking out the window at the parking lot,' fish says. 'I spotted several men loading the UPS units onto a grass-stained landscaping equipment trailer.

'I took a deep breath and, trying not to imagine the prospect of our valuable assets racing down I-95 with bungee cords flapping in the breeze, went running into my boss's office..."

And That, Kids, Is How You Boot A System
ComputerWorld, February 6th, 2019

"Back in pilot fish's college days, everything on campus runs off a DECsystem10 core-memory mainframe, connected to clusters of dumb terminals by 'cluster controller' PDP-10 minicomputers. Late one night, one of those cluster controllers goes on the fritz. None of the college employees or designated student experts can be found, time is a-wasting, and fish's friend Fred has a programming assignment due the next morning..."

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