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Now Comes The Hard Part Of Cloud Computing
ITBusinessEdge, February 7th, 2019

"Much of the focus on cloud computing over the past several years has been simply making the transition. But as IT organizations move beyond running a handful of isolated application workloads, they are starting to discover getting to the cloud is only the first step in what is quickly becoming a career-long adventure.

A survey of 100 IT decision-makers in companies with 500 or more employees conducted by NetEnrich, a provider of an IT automation platform, finds 85 percent of respondents reported either moderate or extensive production use of cloud infrastructure, with 80 percent claiming their companies have moved at least a quarter of all their applications and workloads to the public cloud..."

"Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics aren't just technological trends. Data-driven innovation and decision-making is the future for business. There's no longer any question.

Yet the volume and variety of data is overwhelming. Transaction data, IoT devices and sensors, and video and audio data from a multitude of sources are generating massive data sets. Global IP traffic is now measured in zettabytes, and the deluge is rising fast..."

"There are plenty of ways to secure data while it's sitting in databases and while it's winging around networks, even if the means remain far from perfect. But what about when the data is being actively used in cloud applications and services?

That particular state of data is what the emerging concept of 'confidential computing' is intended to address. Today Google LLC announced a new 'challenge' intended to spur more innovation in cloud security using confidential computing techniques..."

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