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"How can enterprises implement effective communications strategies among their key IT and security stakeholders to not only shorten their company's time to respond to a major incident, but also improve and build efficiencies within their organisation?..."

Can We Live Without Passwords?
ComputerWeekly, December 31st, 2018

"Can you imagine a future in which we can be secure online without having to remember an unwieldly list of passwords? Solutions are emerging that could make passwords redundant, but there will be other security problems to resolve...

Passwords are one of the pillars of security and particularly of authentication. Used by the Roman guard at the time of the night shift, they are today one of the cornerstones of digital security..."

"Cybersecurity incidents continued to plague companies in 2018. Experts weigh in on the lessons learned and consumer responses to the largest information security breaches of the year...

With data breaches becoming a daily reality, it's nearly impossible to know which breaches will remain influential or impactful throughout the course of a year. For this cybersecurity roundup, we chose to focus on analyzing Under Armour, Cambridge Analytica-Facebook, Uber and Marriott Hotels as the most powerful 2018 cybersecurity incidents..."

Here's What To Expect In Cybersecurity In 2019
Tech Crunch, December 31st, 2018

"Around this time every year, my inbox fills with the same repetitive junk.

'Would you consider putting 'any random company' in your gift guide?', 'are you going to CES and if so can I pitch you 'a gadget that literally won't be around this time next year'?', and, 'do you want to cover 'a company you've never hard of's' predictions for next year?'

To which I always respond: 'No,' 'absolutely not' and 'predictions are not news.'..."

"As 2018 draws to a close, it's a good time to reflect on the year that was in cyber-security to learn from past mistakes and identify trends that will likely continue into the new year.

2018 saw no shortage of major breaches, new critical vulnerabilities and policy changes that enterprise IT organizations will still be grappling with in one form or another in 2019. 2018 was the year of Meltdown and Spectre, and it was the year that GDPR went into effect. It was also a year of intense security privacy challenges for Facebook, and was a year in which tens of millions of Americans had their data stolen in large data breaches..."

"There is increasingly fierce competition among companies seeking cyber experts, particularly senior professionals and specialists...

Demand for security specialists has skyrocketed in recent years as organisations react to a steady stream of high-profile security incidents. Not to mention, new legislation such as the GDPR combined with on-going digital transformation projects, companies have started to rethink their approach to security..."

"2019 has only just begun - what will the year hold?

Ring in the new year with tech predictions from the experts. Today, Oren Eini, CEO and founder of Hibernating Rhinos, shares some predictions about how IT departments will prevent cybersecurity problems in 2019..."

"RBAC is the idea of assigning system access to users based on their role in an organization. It's important to remember that not every employee needs a starring role...

Despite all of the advanced attack scenarios we face in cybersecurity today, it seems like we continue to shoot ourselves in the proverbial feet with the simple things.

Case in point: the 2017 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report found that 81 percent of hacking-related breaches involved compromised credentials..."

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