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The State Of Desktop Linux 2019
Linux Journal, December 31st, 2018

"A snapshot of the current state of Desktop Linux at the start of 2019 - with comparison charts and a roundtable Q&A with the leaders of three top Linux distributions.

I've never been able to stay in one place for long - at least in terms of which Linux distribution I call home. In my time as a self-identified "Linux Person", I've bounced around between a number of truly excellent ones. In my early days, I picked up boxed copies of S.u.S.E. (back before they made the U uppercase and dropped the dots entirely) and Red Hat Linux (before Fedora was a thing) from store shelves at various software outlets..."

Is The Linux Philosophy Still Relevant In 2019?, January 1st, 2019

"Take our poll and share your opinion on whether the Linux philosophy still holds sway today....

In August 2018, I published The Linux Philosophy for SysAdmins. It seems to be selling fairly well, and I started thinking about whether the original Linux philosophy (or my own version of it for system administrators) is still relevant..."

"Linux servers top the list of victims to a ransomware attack that seems to take advantage of poorly configured IPMI devices...

SysAdmins, who probably already have much on their plates at the end of the holiday season, have another rather urgent task at hand if they administer servers equipped with Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) cards. It seems that since November, black hat hackers have been using the cards to gain access in order to install JungleSec ransomware that encrypts data and demands a 0.3 bitcoin payment (about $1,100 at the current rate) for the unlock key..."

5 Linux Predictions For 2019
OMG! Ubuntu!, January 2nd, 2019

"With a brand new year about to kick off my mind is in a contemplative mode, wondering what the next twelve months might hold for Linux and the wider open source community.

So naturally, and without any shred of originality, I'm going to share my Linux predictions for 2019..."

"With 2019 started and also the 15th year since starting, what am I most excited for in 2019 from a Linux/open-source perspective? Here is a look at what has me motivated for the year ahead.

WireGuard In The Kernel - WireGuard sadly didn't make it into the mainline Linux kernel in 2018 as they hoped to, but it's looking like it will for sure make it in this year... WireGuard is the very promising open-source secure VPN tunnel that is already available for other operating systems / platforms and has the out-of-tree DKMS kernel module working quite well for upping network security. WireGuard is already offered by some VPN providers and I am quite excited to see how far its adoption will go this year..."

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