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If The CTO Says It's OK, What Could Go Wrong?
ComputerWorld, January 2nd, 2019

"Medical rehab facility is facing a compliance deadline for HIPAA privacy regulations, and that could be a problem, says a cybersecurity pilot fish working there.

"The HIPAA regulations are strewn with potential issues," fish says. "When some aspect isn't followed and a patient's data privacy is compromised, the fines can be substantial."

And that's the headache fish faces because of his facility's use of Gmail...."

The 60 Dumbest Moments In Tech 2018
Fast Company, December 31st, 2018

"Maybe it would have been easier to list the things that happened that weren't strange, embarrassing, and/or unfortunate...

Let's just say it: When compiling a record of the tech industry's blunders this year, it's tempting to zoom in on Facebook and leave it at that. The company had an annus horribilis so rich in scandal, embarrassment, and turmoil that it's tough to keep track of them without a scorecard..."

Not Change! Anything But Change!
ComputerWorld, December 31st, 2018

"This business owner was told years ago that a Microsoft Exchange server was too expensive to maintain for a network his size, reports a pilot fish who now has the business as a client.

'So even in 2018 they were still on POP email, with a copy of each message going to their cell phones,' fish says.

"Client had internalized 'Exchange bad,' so there was no real discussion on this topic, even while experiencing really horrible customer service from their current email provider...."

The Best Tech Quotes Of The Year
Wired, December 31st, 2018

"Most years, I round up the news of the year in technology through a collection of quotes, arranged roughly by some combination I make up of their importance and how much I like them. Here they are for 2018..."

Forget It -- This Guy Obviously Belongs In Sales!
ComputerWorld, January 3rd, 2019

"This pilot fish is an IT team lead, and most of his software developers are fine -- but then there's Fred.

"He had been a mechanic, and had no real computer training," says fish. "He took a one-week programming class, and then somehow convinced an IT manager that he was a programmer and was hired..."

"Simply the best! Worse than all the rest!...

Don't you just love it at this time of the year when Some Experts predict the new technologies most likely to catch on over the next 12 months? Me neither.

Three Januarys ago I proposed five technologies NOT to look out for. Reading it again today, I get the impression I may as well copy and paste it here for 2019. IoT, VR, 5G - fail, fail, fail. Wacky wearables? Everything's a watch now. Cool IT jobs? In your wet dreams, pal.

That three-year-old column is, however, smugly enlightening on a personal basis as it includes a pre-weight-loss selfie..."

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