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"This year has certainly been a tumultuous one for cryptocurrency. What started off with a bang ended with a whimper as the entire market shed 84% and $700 billion exited the scene. To round out 2018 we will look back at key events in what has been the year of the bear for crypto.

Looking Back at 2018

The crypto-sphere was awash with chatter of 'moons' and 'lambos' in early January when all crypto assets were hitting new all-time highs. The turning point was January 7 when total market capitalization peaked out at $830 billion according to Coinmarketcap. From that day to this, the bears have dominated things and all digital currencies have fallen back to their lowest levels for around 18 months..."

"Infrastructure underpinning the world's leading cryptocurrency bitcoin is looking better even though its value has fallen by more than 80 percent since the peak, argues prominent cryptocurrency software engineer Jameson Lopp.

The renowned cypherpunk, who also serves as the chief technical officer to cryptocurrency security company Casa, narrowed down bitcoin's performance in 2018 based on multiple metrics. The aggregated data revealed that the digital currency had an excellent year concerning general and academic interest, funding, data anchoring, software upgrades, and on-chain security. It also found that bitcoin performance suffered in almost every vertical that was dependent on its economics..."

Can Bitcoin Scale?
Bitcoin Magazine, January 4th, 2019

"The ongoing debate about whether or not Bitcoin can scale sufficiently on its path to mass adoption has led many people to question if it will ever reach that point at all. The scaling debate often leads back to the same discussion regarding Bitcoin's block size and how it needs to be expanded in order for more transactions to fit in each block. Bitcoin Cash, the result of an August 2017 hard fork, was a product of split opinions throughout the Bitcoin community about this very subject..."

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