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Big Data 2019: Cloud Redefines The Database And Machine Learning Runs It
ZDNet, January 2nd, 2019
"Artificial intelligence and the cloud will be the great disrupters in the database landscape in 2019...

In the predictions game, it's time for us to bat clean-up once more. Following Big on Data bro Andrew Brust's roundup of AI-related predictions from a cross section of industry executives, now it's our turn. We'll focus mostly on what this all means to the database, a technology that after Y2K was thought to be entering its finished state.

In 2019, we view the AI and the cloud as being the great disruptors..."

New Big Data Visualization Platforms Help You Optimize Decision Making
SmartDataCollective, January 4th, 2019
"There are lots of ways to use big data visualization platforms to grow you business and improve decision making. Here's how...

We have addressed a number ofways big data is changing industries across the economy. We have focused more heavily on some factors than others, but there are some universal changes that big data has created. Big data visualization is a more effective way to utilize this data for optimal performance..."

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