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"It's that time of year again, when we look back to look ahead. The 2019 security landscape holds new promise, threats, developments and opportunities to collectively tackle the issues our industry faces..."

"Our list of top threats retained some mainstays, but the order of top threats has shuffled...

Each year, Webroot publishes an addendum to its annual threat report where we parse data from January through June to see what insights we're able to glean from the first half of the year. This approach provides us with a head start on piecing together cyber storylines from across the web and helps our threat researchers begin to understand which threats will define the year.

The 2018 Webroot Threat Report Mid-Year Update features some notable findings. While

Here's a rundown of some interesting findings, but be sure to download your complete copy for full details..."

"Only 20% of IBM mainframe customers are embracing multi-factor authentication to protect data and applications, according to findings from a new poll of 81 mainframe users conducted by Macro 4 at the annual GSE UK Conference in November 2018...

Multi-factor authentication adoption by mainframe user organisations is being held up by concerns around disrupting essential applications, skills shortages and end user resistance..."

How Supply Chain Security Has Evolved Over Two Decades
SearchSecurity, November 30th, 2018

"Both physical and cyber supply chain security are critically important. Expert Ernie Hayden outlines the recent history of supply chain defenses and what enterprises need to know.

In October 2018, the terms supply chain security and cyber supply chain security were key subjects of many news headlines..."

12 Top Web Application Firewalls Compared
CSO Online, November 28th, 2018

"A web application firewall (WAF) is a critical component of an enterprise security infrastructure, providing a key security layer for web-facing applications and APIs...

As web applications mature and become more popular, organizations need to focus more on maintaining a positive security footprint around them. Traditionally, web application security was handled using a combination of the corporate firewall, authentication to an LDAP directory, and a hardened web server in the DMZ network. In a modern infrastructure, where attacks are more sophisticated and cloud-based resources are commonplace, these security measures are often still in place, but can be further enhanced by a web application firewall (WAF)..."

Biggest Cyber Security Breaches 2018
ITProportal, November 27th, 2018

"Here is the list of biggest Cyber Security Breaches we saw in the year 2018...

With every app, website and social networking site asking us to 'Allow' them the access to your phone, contacts, online clouds and whatever you may think of. The allowing game is more than what we bother to pay attention to. I saw a quote floating on my news-feed saying 'if you are not paying for the services you have, you are the product'.

It took me hours to digest and brainstorm all the research I had to do after reading this. All the social networking sites we use, the apps, everywhere where we give consent to access our information is making our profiles in their respective directories..."

How Secure Is Serverless Computing?
ZDNet, November 28th, 2018

"Security considerations must be taken into account in every line of code for any app developer, no matter what the application or where it is to run. This much is standard operating practice today. With serverless computing, however, it becomes even more important.

Serverless functions, delivering microservices, are modular pieces of code that behave in particular ways when provided with particular inputs. They reside in a Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) service provider's cloud platform and, as such, are protected to a degree by the provider's own security infrastructure..."

"It was no surprise that cybersecurity and industry consolidation continued to be hot topics for the IT channel in 2018. Looking into the future, I don't expect much to change in this regard. But, how channel partners adapt to and address these challenges could make all the difference when it comes to driving success..."

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