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10 Tips For Diagnosing Slow Applications
nojitter, November 26th, 2018
"To diagnose a slow application, you've got to start with knowing something about how the application functions.

What protocols does it use (UDP or TCP)? What are the packet flows like (small, equally spaced packet flows like in VoIP or big encrypted data packets)? Does the application need real-time performance (again, like VoIP and video) or does it need to move a lot of data? Is QoS required? Do other applications run on the endpoints, competing for bandwidth, CPU, memory, and disk I/O? Where are the endpoints and what is the path between them? What is the application's server architecture?..."

6 Ways ITSM Automation Is Changing Business
CIO, November 30th, 2018
"Automation helps organizations eliminate defects and redundancies, freeing up staff for higher-value work. Here are six ways businesses are taking advantage of automation for IT service management...

IT service management (ITSM) is becoming a key enabler of transformation and modernization efforts, with companies pushing to automate user-centric processes to improve customer, client and employee satisfaction, while saving money and improving productivity..."

How To Successfully Perform A Data Center Upgrade
SearchDataCenter, November 26th, 2018
"When data center hardware becomes outdated, there are a few options. Here are ways that admins can ensure that a migration is efficient and downtime is minimized...

A data center upgrade is like a home remodeling project; it requires planning, a budget and a certain finesse to ensure that existing infrastructure isn't damaged in the process. There's also the option to skip the remodel altogether and head to a condo with homeowners' association fees..."

When Traditional Data Center Technology Trumps Hyper-Converged
SearchStorage, November 28th, 2018
"Committing to a conventional data center rather than a hyper-converged approach is sometimes the smarter move. We take a look at some reasons to steer clear of HCI...

Hyper-converged infrastructure data centers have generated a great deal of interest over the past few years for some good reasons. They have the potential to lower costs, while providing more automation, enhanced data protection, simplified technology procurement and support. And HCI often enables a smaller, more efficient IT staff.

Yet, despite all these compelling benefits, there are times when it makes sense to forego HCI technology and embrace three-tier traditional data center technology..."

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