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Where Does SDN Fit In Edge Computing Architecture?
SearchNetworking, November 26th, 2018
"SDN and edge computing can work together to apply data processing decisions that make better use of network links and bandwidth, especially when it comes to edge versus cloud...

Edge computing is the concept of pushing data processing to the edge of the network -- closest to where the data is generated. The idea of an edge computing architecture is to use an edge device's computational power, so data doesn't always have to be uploaded to a private data center or a cloud service provider's network to be processed..."

Higher Speed Ethernet Requirements Continue To Grow
InformationWeek, November 27th, 2018
"A wide variety of use cases drives demand for Ethernet speeds exceeding 100 Gigabit. In response, the industry is racing to deploy new signaling types to achieve these higher data rates.

Once data centers were the primary driver for higher Ethernet speeds; today applications are playing an ever-increasing role in defining new Ethernet incarnations. The need for Ethernet speeds exceeding 100 Gigabit is being driven by exponentially increasing capacity demands across the board in a wide variety of use cases. In response, the industry is moving rapidly to deploy new signaling types to achieve these higher data rates..."

A Quick Guide To Important SDN Security Issues
SearchNetworking, November 30th, 2018
"Lock down your knowledge of SDN security issues using this compilation that includes expert advice, common pain points and helpful best practices...

Traditional network security vulnerabilities are bad enough without adding SDN security issues to the mix. But, as organizations deploy SDN, they risk exposing their networks to new types of threats and attacks, especially if they don't have proper plans in place..."

What Are Today's Top 3 Network Security Challenges?
SearchNetworking, November 29th, 2018
"A significant shortage of cybersecurity staff, poorly configured firewalls and unmanaged end-user mobile devices are some of the top network security threats...

Even in the best-case scenario, with effective network security infrastructure in place and an expert staff at the ready, network security can be a thorny task. Then, consider most organizations contend with serious resource limitations, and the picture becomes darker.

As network security threats continue to evolve, here are some of the top network security challenges organizations should consider:.."

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