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That Bus Rolls Both Ways
ComputerWorld, November 28th, 2018
"Programmer pilot fish's new boss calls an all-hands meeting so she can get to know the IT staff, which is spread across the country.

'We all flew in to meet in a hotel conference room,' says fish. 'The usual team-building 'trust' exercises occurred, and then we had one day to discuss events at each site.'

'One of the new network admins mentioned that the server in the Southwest site was having problems, and from what he could tell it had never backed up...'

    Throwback Thursday: Present Company Excepted
    ComputerWorld, November 27th, 2018
    'One of IT's jobs in this city government is to be the first-level gatekeepers of ergonomic policy, reports a support manager pilot fish there.

    "When we set up PCs, we use the ergonomic trays and mouse decks under the tables to do it per the policies," fish says.

    "All my support staffers are trained to set up workstations, and to refer any requests for nonconforming setups to our risk management division's safety technician"...'

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