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Getting Started With CI/CD: 4 Success Factors
The Enterprisers Project, November 27th, 2018
"The C's in CI/CD stand for continuous, but they might just as well refer to culture, because you can't treat CI/CD solely as a technical strategy. Culture is just as important to its long-term success.

First off, though: What is CI/CD? (We'll paraphrase, but click through that link for a more complete breakdown.) CI/CD can mean different things to different people. CI stands for continuous integration, and it involves building, testing, and merging developers' various code changes into a shared repository such as Github or a container registry, usually multiple times per day..."

Why Every Developer Should Use A Time Tracking Tool
Jaxenter, November 26th, 2018
"While some argue that software development isn't the kind of work that benefits from time tracking, others swear by it, saying it is an invaluable tool for increasing productivity and ROI. Here are a few reasons why you should get on the time-tracking bandwagon today..."

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