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DevOps Transition: The Cultural Commitments And Challenges, November 27th, 2018
"Enterprises can achieve certain levels of success by filling a need in the market, hiring skilled teams and utilizing cutting-edge tools and technologies. However, to set themselves apart and chart a course for long-term success, they need to address the values, beliefs and behaviors that make up organizational culture as carefully as they address business decisions. It's culture that ultimately informs the decisions made about how a company evolves its concepts from idea to value, so when you want to make a change and grow, that's where you need to start..."
    Does 'DevOps' Still Mean Anything?
    The Enterprisers Project, November 30th, 2018
    "The term 'DevOps' is generally accepted as being coined by Patrick Debois when he named a development conference in Belgium 'devopsdays' - in 2009 - a virtual lifetime ago in the world of software development.

    Since then, DevOps has become the method du jour for thousands of organizations of all sizes and verticals in the never-ending pursuit to build better software faster. Its relationship with supporting methodologies like agile and continuous delivery are well and painstakingly documented. As DevOps has adapted and changed over the years, it has become a fundamental building block for many enterprise-level development pipelines..."

    The DevOps Role: Not A One-Person Job, November 27th, 2018
    "This is actually a follow up of the article I wrote a little while ago on LinkedIn titled 'DevOps is NOT Jenkins.' In that article, I ranted about how many people and companies confuse automation tools with DevOps. Now I want to address another misconception that I come across quite often: 'DevOps is a role'..."

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