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IT - CxO
Key IT Initiatives Reshape the CIO Agenda
CIO, Tuesday, May 30,2023

While cloud, cybersecurity, and analytics remain top of mind for IT leaders, a shift toward delivering business value is altering how CIOs approach key priorities, pushing transformative projects to the next phase.

3 Ways CIOs Play Both Tech Offense And Defense
eWeek, Tuesday, May 30,2023

CIOs need to enable teams to eliminate dead weight and embrace new models to drive efficiency and better secure our businesses.

CISOs Still Expect Cyber Budget Increases Amid Economic Pressure
CIODIVE, Thursday, June 1,2023

Nearly 3 in 5 CISOs or IT decision makers have seen their cybersecurity budgets increase this year, despite widespread concerns about a recession or economic slowdown, according to a study

How CIOs Distill The Most Sought-After Data Skills
CIO, Wednesday, May 31,2023

From back-end engineers to data scientists and line-of-business experts, here's the in-demand talent that all organizations need to turn a glut of information into game-changing insight.

How CISOs Can Manage The Intersection Of Security, Privacy, And Trust
DARKReading, Friday, June 2,2023

Integrating a subject rights request tool with security and compliance solutions can help identify potential data conflicts more efficiently and with greater accuracy.

Cyber Risk Disconnect At The C-Level, Tuesday, May 30,2023

For the past few years, especially in the post-pandemic world, there was considerable commentary around how cybersecurity has finally entered the boardrooms as a topic to be debated by the leadership team. However, a new survey indicates that all the talk may not have resulted in any significant change.

5 CxOs on leading change
CIO, Thursday, June 1,2023

To be the agents of change that businesses require today, IT leaders must embrace a flexible mindset, prep their orgs for change, and recognize that intention and purpose are vital to empowering transformation.

Is This The Calm Before The Next Storm?
Gartner, Friday, June 2,2023

The number of shortages has reduced. Inflation, while still present, isn't running amok. Freight capacity and prices have improved dramatically. We're still scrambling a bit for frontline talent, but pressure seems to have eased for many other roles.

Organizations Are Placing Operational Technology (OT Cybersecurity Responsibility On CISOs
HelpNet Security, Wednesday, May 31,2023

Protecting operational technology (OT) systems is now more critical than ever as more organizations connect their OT environments to the internet, according to Fortinet.

IT - Storage
Balance Storage Performance, Resilience, And Efficiency, Tuesday, May 30,2023

Modern storage infrastructure needs to provide performance, scalability, reliability, and efficiency to maximize data value and minimize time to insights for organizations in the digital business era.

IT - Security
7 Common EDR Deployment Mistakes And How To Resolve Them
Solutions Review, Wednesday, May 31,2023

The editors at Solutions Review examine some common EDR deployment mistakes and how you and your team can avoid them.

What Is Data Loss Prevention (DLP)? And How Low-Code Security Automation Can Help
Security Boulevard, Thursday, June 1,2023

Data is the lifeblood of companies. It drives decision-making, fuels innovation and holds immense value. However, the increase in data also presents significant challenges, particularly in ensuring its security and preventing unauthorized access or loss.

PCI DSS 4.0: How to Delight the Auditors
Red Hat News, Tuesday, May 30,2023

While we all know the actual point of PCI is vastly more far-reaching, we can't deny that the juggernaut of PCI DSS 4.0 compliance is getting past the auditors.

9 Common IAM Risks & How To Mitigate Them
sonrai, Tuesday, May 30,2023

If Identity and Access Management is on your mind, you're not alone. Recognizing a weak point and seeking out stronger protections is the first step to securing your environment. Anecdotally, many industry practitioners express IAM to be one of their greatest challenges. Let's explore why that's the case.

9 MDR Key Features Your Enterprise Solution Should Have
Solutions Review, Wednesday, May 31,2023

MDR (Managed Detection and Response) is an advanced security service that combines proactive threat hunting, real-time monitoring, incident response, and continuous improvement to enhance the security posture of enterprises.

AI vs. Adversaries: How Machine-Leveraged Attacks Drive The Need For Advanced Security
SiliconANGLE , Thursday, June 1,2023

AI vs. adversaries: How machine-leveraged attacks drive the need for advanced security

The Rise And Fall Of Ransomware: Insights From Avast's Q1/2023 Threat Report
Avast, Friday, June 2,2023

Ransomware has been a prominent threat in cybersecurity for more than a decade, but the rates of incidents are showing slight decline. The Avast Q1/2023 Threat Report examines why.

The Top 10 Endpoint Security Challenges And How To Overcome Them
SiliconANGLE , Monday, May 29,2023

One of the main reasons companies keep being breached is that they don't know how many endpoints are on their networks and what condition those endpoints are in.

Top Cyberattacks Revealed In New Threat Intelligence Report
DARKReading, Monday, May 29,2023

We recognize that in today's world, security leaders must expand their focus beyond technologies and their vulnerabilities. To effectively manage risk, security leaders must continually analyze the global threat landscape and understand how business decisions can influence their organization's threat profile.

What Is Federated Identity? How It Works And Its Importance To Enterprise Security
CSO Online, Wednesday, May 31,2023

Federated identity can be hugely beneficial for creating a solid user experience and better security, but it can be more costly and complex to implement.

Why Is Identity Security Awareness Becoming The Need Of The Hour?
Deepak Gupta, Friday, June 2,2023

Discover why identity security awareness is crucial in today's digital landscape. Learn how to protect yourself and your business from cyber threats. Read more now.

What is the Gartner Hype Cycle for Security Products? Demystifying the Hype Cycle for CDR
Security Boulevard, Thursday, June 1,2023

In information security, technologies change very quickly. Security has a fast cycle of innovation: product builders launch new products quickly, adapting to the needs of the market and cybersecurity defenders, with the expectation that these products and solutions will mature and become widely adopted across various industries over time.

IT - CxO Podcasts
Quantitative Marketing: Data-Driven Strategies And Challenges (#787) (42 m)
Microsoft News, Tuesday, May 30,2023

Dive into Quantitative Marketing Strategy with CXOTalk episode 787, featuring experts Prof. Oded Netzer & CMO Amy Jaick from Columbia University business school. Uncover insights, techniques, AI's role, and ethical data usage for marketing professionals and business leaders in the digital age.

IT - Edge
Near Edge and Far Edge with Andrew Green
Gestalt IT, Monday, May 29,2023

The edge isn't the same thing to everyone: Some talk about equipment for use outside the datacenter, while others talk about equipment that lives in someone else's location.

Edge Computing: A Supercharger For Automating Industrial Operations
SiliconANGLE , Wednesday, May 31,2023

With very high turnaround times and slim margins for error, the tightly-run ships that are industrial operations have benefitted from transformation - especially at the edge.

Mako Networks - Security-First Networking At The Edge
Gestalt IT, Tuesday, May 30,2023

Companies seeking a secure and reliable network connectivity at the edge today have an extraordinary number of vendors to choose from.

IT - Low Code
4 Low-Code Security Automation Benefits For Your SecOps
Security Boulevard, Wednesday, May 31,2023

The security landscape evolves constantly, with new emerging threats making headlines daily. Now more than ever, the need for robust security operations (SecOps) has become paramount.

AI Can Help Accelerate Development With Low-Code Frameworks
SmartDataCollective, Thursday, June 1,2023

The development of low code frameworks are one of the many ways that AI technology is changing the state of software development.

Low-Code/No-Code Use Cases For Security
Search Security, Thursday, June 1,2023

Low-code/no-code development approaches have their fair share of security issues, but that doesn't mean they can't be used to benefit the security industry, too.

IT - Gestalt IT
Adopting Open Source with
Gestalt IT, Wednesday, May 31,2023

The enterprise world is embracing a growing arsenal of open-source tools, and it is giving companies a major competitive advantage in the market.

Analyzing Wi-Fi On Site With Netally Cyberscope
Gestalt IT, Wednesday, May 31,2023

The constantly shifting digital age has laid the world at our feet. One can connect to a friend sitting halfway across the world from a coffee shop, stream podcasts all the way on a cross-country road trip in an RV, and remotely activate a home alarm system from outside the country - all with just a tap of a finger.

Dell Tech World Looks To Appeal To All - Gestalt It Rundown: May 31, 2023 (30m)
Gestalt IT, Wednesday, May 31,2023

Dell Tech World was the talk of the industry last week. In part it's because Dell is rolling out initiatives to try and address their key areas as those technologies move closer to the cloud. Dell APEX storage for public cloud was a key piece.

Fortinet Takes On Even Bigger Challenges With FortiAIOps V2.0 (41m)
Gestalt IT, Wednesday, May 31,2023

We live in a world where AI drives imagination and utility. AIOps has proven to be extremely useful for businesses, and we are starting to see the beginning of its real-world applications.

Meet Field Day Delegate - Raymond Hendrix, Owner Of Wi-Fi Wise International
Gestalt IT, Tuesday, May 30,2023

Raymond Hendrix is the owner of Wi-Fi Wise International and one of our newest Field Day delegates.

Artificial Intelligence: Friend Or Foe,

As far back as 2014, Professor Stephen Hawking told the BBC of his concerns about the development of full artificial intelligence (AI).

ChatGPT Vs Bing Chat Vs Google Bard: Which Is The Best AI Chatbot?
ZDNet, Tuesday, May 30,2023

AI chatbots are more popular than ever, but how do you figure out which one is the best?

100+ Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) Companies 2023Q
eWeek, Monday, May 29,2023

The top artificial intelligence companies driving AI forward, from the giants to the visionaries.

5 Ways AI Can Transform Compliance
informtion age, Tuesday, May 30,2023

Compliance is all about rules and AI seems a perfect tool to help overworked compliance officers. We look at use cases for AI when dealing with compliance

AI Leadership Insights: AI Risks, Thursday, June 1,2023

I'm Amanda Razani, with, and I'm excited to be here today with Manasi Vartak, the CEO and founder of Verta.

From Hype To Reality: AI's Role In Augmenting Digital Transformation
AiTHORITY, Friday, June 2,2023

The rapid development in the field of artificial intelligence continues to accelerate digital transformation in emerging economies in Southeast Asia.

The Productivity Cost Of Gen AI
Gartner, Friday, June 2,2023

That gen AI will increase the productivity of knowledge workers significantly is a base assumption. I'm on-board - it's exciting, and the potential is incredible.

I've Tested A Lot Of AI Tools For Work. These Are My 5 Favorite So Far
ZDNET, Tuesday, May 30,2023

There are so many different AI tools that can increase your everyday productivity. Here are the ones I use.

IT - Humor
Cunningly Camouflaged Cable Routed Around WAN-Sized Hole In Project Budget
The Register, Friday, June 2,2023

Leaf and spine networks aren't the only way to make a connection with nature

IT - Technology
Look Mom, No Inifiniband: Nvidia's DGX GH200 Glues 256 Superchips With NVLink
The Register, Monday, May 29,2023

Nvidia unveiled its latest party trick at Computex in Taipei: stitching together 256 Grace-Hopper superchips into an "AI supercomputer" using nothing but NVLink.

IT - Telco
2023 State Of The Threat For Telco & Streaming Media
Security Boulevard, Thursday, June 1,2023

Arkose Labs conducted a comprehensive analysis of current threats across various industries in 2022 to identify the frequency and types of attacks in today's landscape. Here, we share valuable insights into emerging threats for telecom and streaming media organizations, while identifying best practices for a more secure future.

IT - EdTech
ChatGPT Is The Shakeup Education Needs
eSchool News, Friday, June 2,2023

As technology evolves, industries must evolve alongside it, and education is no exception--especially when students heavily and regularly rely on edtech

IT - Operations
Data Center Redundancy: The Basics
Search Data Center, Thursday, June 1,2023

Downtime can cost businesses thousands, and redundancy is one way to minimize disruptions. Assess uptime requirements when building redundancy in data center facilities.

Nuclear-Powered Data Centers: Practical Or A Pipe Dream?
DataCenter Knowledge, Thursday, June 1,2023

It's clean, efficient, and abundant, but is nuclear a good way to power data centers? Let's dig in.

Why 'Data Center vs. Cloud' Is The Wrong Way To Think
DataCenter Knowledge, Tuesday, May 30,2023

Modern storage infrastructure needs to provide performance, scalability, reliability, and efficiency to maximize data value and minimize time to insights for organizations in the digital business era.

Why Cloud Did Not Kill The Data Center
hyperview, Tuesday, May 30,2023

Back in the day, you know, pre-cloud, life in the data center may have not been easy, but at least it was under control. Well, sort of. We controlled the vendors (we thought). We controlled growth (well, our users did that).

IT - Server
BGP (Border Gateway Protocol)
Search Networking, Thursday, June 1,2023

BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) is the protocol that enables the global routing system of the internet. It manages how packets get routed from network to network by exchanging routing and reachability information among edge routers.

Can HCI Deliver?
Google Cloud News, Thursday, June 1,2023

Can HCI deliver an architecture that enables IT professionals to overcome the four most significant challenges facing mid-sized data centers?

Weighing The Pros And Cons Of Open-Source Software To Support Critical Infrastructure
Keyfactor, Tuesday, May 30,2023

Fifteen years ago, I had a colleague say to me, 'Open-source software is not free; it means access to the source code.' At the time, we both worked for an open-source software company that sold enterprise features and support for an Apache open-source project.

Intersect360: HPC Market 'Returning To Stable Growth'
HPCWire, Wednesday, May 31,2023

The folks at Intersect360 Research released their latest report and market update just ahead of ISC 2023, which was held in Hamburg, Germany, last week. The headline: 'We're returning to stable growth,' per Addison Snell, Intersect360 CEO.

A Brief History Of VR And AR
TechCrunch, Wednesday, May 31,2023

With Apple expected to announce a mixed reality headset next week at WWDC, we take a look back at the journey of VR and AR

IT - Cloud
Cloud Workload Repatriation Is A Real Problem
Gestalt IT, Tuesday, May 30,2023

Enterprise IT is constantly oscillating between centralized and distributed, and we're currently in a period of repatriation of workloads from the cloud.

Common Types Of Cloud Computing
Dataversity, Tuesday, May 30,2023

Before the cloud era, businesses had to rely on in-house data centers and internal hardware and software infrastructures to conduct online business.

Emerging Trends In Cloud Computing: AI, Multicloud, And Edge Computing Take Center Stage
SiliconANGLE , Thursday, June 1,2023

The booming cloud computing market is increasingly becoming use-case specific, with products targeted at specific industries and their respective operations.

Leaders Should Pay Attention To These 4 Major Cloud Trends
InformationWeek, Friday, June 2,2023

Here's how organizations adopting cloud-native architectures can bypass missteps on their migration journey.

IT - Networks
In Pursuit Of 1.6T Data Center Network Speeds
NETWORKComputing, Wednesday, May 31,2023

Today's 400G data centers are not fast enough for many emerging applications. The networking industry is looking toward 1.6T network speeds.

Network Performance Monitoring (NPM)
Search Networking, Thursday, June 1,2023

Network performance monitoring (NPM) is the process of measuring and monitoring the quality of service of a network. NPM helps network administrators gather network data, measure performance variables and identify potential issues or risks.

IT - IoT
IoT Network Streamlines State DOT Traffic Monitoring
GCN, Tuesday, May 30,2023

With a cloud-based network management platform and cellular routers, the Indiana Transportation Department can easily monitor its statewide network of internet-of-things devices.

IT - Careers
Top 8 Data Engineer And Data Architect Certifications
CIO, Thursday, June 1,2023

Data engineers and data architects are in high demand. Here are the certifications that will give your career an edge.

IT - Email
13 Ways To Craft An Impressive And Memorable Email Signature
AmongTech, Tuesday, May 30,2023

In today's digital age, an effective email signature plays a vital role in establishing and nurturing professional relationships.

Fixing Email Security: It's Still A Rocky Road Ahead
SiliconANGLE , Thursday, June 1,2023

The foundational protocols for making email more secure and less of a threat have been in place for almost a decade, yet they remain mostly unused, poorly implemented and largely ineffective.

IT - Backup
Resilient Data Backup And Recovery Is Critical To Enterprise Success
CIO, Thursday, June 1,2023

As global data volumes rise, business must prioritize their resiliency strategies.

IT - Tape
LTO Tape Shipments Continued To Grow In 2022
Search Data Backup, Thursday, June 1,2023

Driven by data growth and the uptick in ransomware, tape continues to excel as a storage medium despite newer kids on the block. Experts don't see that trend ending anytime soon.

IT - Java
Java News Roundup: Java Turns 28, Payara Platform, Micronaut 4.0-M5, Spring Updates, JHipster Lite
infoQ, Thursday, June 1,2023

This week's Java roundup for May 22nd, 2023, features news from OpenJDK, JDK 21, Spring Cloud 2022.0.3, Spring Shell 3.1.0, 3.0.4 and 2.1.10, Spring Security Kerberos 2.0-RC2, Payara Platform, Quarkus 3.0.4 and 2.13.8, WildFly 28.0.1, Micronaut 4.0-M5, Helidon 2.6.1, MicroStream 8.1.0, Apache Camel 3.20.5, JDKMon 17.0.61, JHipster Lite 0.33.0, Java's 28th Birthday and Azul State of Java survey.

IT - Sales
B2B Reads: Conquering Cold Calls, Better Sales Cycles, And More
Heinz Marketing, Saturday, June 3,2023

In addition to our Sunday App of the Week feature, we also summarize some of our favorite B2B sales & marketing posts from around the web each week. We'll miss a ton of great stuff, so if you found something you think is worth sharing please add it to the comments below.

Boosting Sales Performance: Unearthing The Potential Of Women In Sales With Lauren Bailey
sales hacker, Wednesday, May 31,2023

In this insightful episode, Colin Campbell of Sales Hacker engages Lauren Bailey from Sales Bar, Factor Eight, and Girls Club in a thoughtful discussion on the dynamics of the sales industry.

Have Enterprise Buyers Finally Soured On 'Bottoms-Up' Tech Sales?
TechCrunch, Tuesday, May 30,2023

The last decade saw many tech companies embracing product-led growth (PLG) and bottoms-up sales strategies, as opposed to traditional enterprise sales, to drive their go-to-market strategies and overall growth.

Sales Pipeline Radio, Episode 338: Q & A With Spencer Wixom
Heinz Marketing, Monday, May 29,2023

The Sales Pipeline Radio islive every Thursday at 11:30 a.m Pacific on LinkedIn (also on demand)

SDR To AE: The 90-Day Guide I Wish I'd Had
sales hacker, Monday, May 29,2023

'What does a BDR do, anyway?' my mom asked me. I'd just gotten a job at a company that deals with AI solutions, and I would have to relocate.

IT - Marketing
CMOs Blame Lack Of Budget As Limiting Ability To Executive Strategy
FutureCIO, Thursday, June 1,2023

A Gartner survey of 410 CMOs and marketing leaders noted that 71% blame a lack of the budget to fully execute their strategy in 2023.

Six Ways That B2B CMOs Can Make Customer Obsession Real
Forrester, Tuesday, May 30,2023

Most B2B CMOs agree with the idea of putting customers at the center of their leadership, strategy, and operations - which we at Forrester define as customer obsession.

DDN News
AI Engineering: A New Discipline
DDN News, Wednesday, May 31,2023

A New Discipline for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Hamad International Airport Selects Datadirect Networks Storage Systems To Modernize Security Plans
DDN News, Tuesday, May 30,2023

Hamad International Airport, the gateway to the State of Qatar and the Middle East, offers an unparalleled airport journey for travelers with optimized operations, innovative experiences, luxury retail and F&B offering and the highest safety standards.

Google News
Automation Anywhere Partners With Google Cloud To Bring Together Generative AI And Intelligent Automation
Google Cloud News, Thursday, June 1,2023

Automation Anywhere will launch new generative AI features in its Automation Success Platform, powered by Google's LLMs and Vertex AI

Capgemini And Google Cloud Expand Long-Standing Partnership To Create First-Of-Its Kind Generative AI Center Of Excellence To Accelerate Client Value
Google Cloud News, Tuesday, May 30,2023

Capgemini will utilize Google Cloud's generative AI technologies to develop a library of 500+ enterprise-ready industry use cases beginning with financial services, retail, and automotive

Developing Singapore Into An Open And Trusted Global AI Hub
Google Cloud News, Wednesday, May 31,2023

Google Cloud and Ministry of Communications and Information collaborate to advance Singapore's national AI strategy

MAS Partners With Google Cloud to Advance Capabilities in Generative AI Technology
Google Cloud News, Wednesday, May 31,2023

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and Google Cloud today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on generative artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that are grounded on responsible AI practices.

SAP News
SAP BTP Enables Gavdi Group To Solve Customers' Business Issues
SAP News, Thursday, June 1,2023

Denmark-based Gavdi Group delivers advisory services as well as design and development solutions for a roster of clients ranging from fashion retailers to car manufacturers to companies specializing in renewable energy.

SAP Named A Leader In The 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant For Warehouse Management Systems
SAP News, Wednesday, May 31,2023

For the 10th consecutive year, SAP has been named as a Leader in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Warehouse Management Systems. SAP is positioned in the Leaders quadrant based on ability to execute and completeness of vision.

Supporting All Farmers With Technology To Sustainably Feed The World
SAP News, Friday, June 2,2023

How can farmers continue to feed a growing population sustainably with increasingly unpredictable weather and more demanding customer needs?

Salesforce News
Salesforce Announces Strong First Quarter Fiscal 2024 Results
Salesforce News, Wednesday, May 31,2023

Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), the global leader in CRM, today announced results for its first quarter fiscal 2024 ended April 30, 2023.

SuperMicro News
Supermicro Features Unparalleled Array of New Servers and Storage Systems at COMPUTEX 2023
SuperMicro News, Monday, May 29,2023

From the Data Center to the Edge, Supermicro Designs and Manufactures Total Rack Scale Solutions to Achieve Superior Performance, Flexibility, and Energy Efficiency with Rapid Deployment

Cisco News
Cisco Live 2023: Empowering IT Growth And Connections
Cisco News, Friday, June 2,2023

When it comes to tech learning, Cisco Live is the event the #CiscoCert community looks forward to every year. We invite you to stop by the Learning and Certifications booth and connect with us in the World of Solutions.

Network Troubleshooting From The Cloud
TechCrunch, Friday, June 2,2023

My last blog was about network visibility through the Meraki dashboard. In this blog, we're going to take it a step further and talk about how cloud monitoring for your Catalyst switches will help with network troubleshooting.

USGA, Cisco Announce Partnership Extension Designed to Drive More Connected Championships, Foster Innovation and Inclusion in the Game of Golf
Cisco News, Wednesday, May 31,2023

Cisco Continues as Official Technology Partner of the USGA and its Championships; Will Form Innovation Committee to Explore Opportunities for Technology to Provide Positive Impact and Bring More People into the Game

Webex By Cisco Delivers First App For Hybrid Work To Audi Vehicles
Cisco News, Thursday, June 1,2023

Webex will be the first collaboration app to come to select Audi 2024 model year vehicles, equipping vehicles with Meetings capabilities for seamless collaboration.

HP News
Create What's Next: HP And Artist Germane Barnes Unveil Immersive Recycling-Inspired NYC Art Exhibit Ahead Of World Environment Day
HP News, Thursday, June 1,2023

In collaboration with Studio Barnes, Conservation International, Staples, and MIT Solve, Create What's Next inspires attendees to recycle, showing how one small act can have a big impact

HP Inc. Reports Fiscal 2023 Second Quarter Results
HP News, Tuesday, May 30,2023

HP Inc. and its subsidiaries ('HP') announced fiscal 2023 second quarter net revenue of $12.9 billion, down 21.7% (down 18.0% in constant currency) from the prior-year period.

AWS News
15 Cool Things Amazon Employees Found Inside The New Virginia Headquarters
AWS News, Wednesday, May 31,2023

Follow Amazon employees on a tour of some of the unique spaces and features inside Merlin, the first building to open its doors at our second headquarters.

AWS Announces General Availability Of Amazon Security Lake
AWS News, Tuesday, May 30,2023

Purpose-built data lake helps customers and partners achieve a more complete, organization-wide understanding of their security posture and act faster to improve the protection of their workloads, applications, and data

Top 5 Facts You May Not Know About Amazon One, Our Palm Recognition Service
AWS News, Thursday, June 1,2023

Amazon One is designed to deliver the highest levels of customer privacy and data security.

VMware News
VMware Reports Fiscal Year 2024 First Quarter Results
VMware News, Thursday, June 1,2023

Subscription and SaaS Revenue of $1.22 billion, an increase of 35% year-over-year

Veeam News
Cloud Backup Costs: Key Strategies For MSPs
Veeam News, Friday, June 2,2023

According to the latest , respondents expect to run 50% or more of their production workloads in hyperscale clouds such as AWS and Microsoft Azure by 2024.

Salesforce Data Protection: A Comprehensive Guide To Backup And Recovery
Veeam News, Wednesday, May 31,2023

Salesforce may seem simple to the average user, but there's a lot that goes into a Salesforce deployment - especially when it comes to data protection.

Why Knowing My Data Is Protected Helps Me Sleep - No Matter Where I Am
Veeam News, Thursday, June 1,2023

I was lucky enough to get my first computer in 1988 as an eight-year-old. Karateka, Elite, Pacman and Tetris became my best friends.

Dell News
Bring On The Robots: Helping Retailers Deliver Service Excellence
Red Hat News, Wednesday, May 31,2023

Dell retail solution introduces 'Robots-as-a-Service' to speed and streamline order fulfillment processes.

Dell Powerprotect Appliances Expands Boost Ecosystem Partnerships
Dell Technologies, Wednesday, May 31,2023

Commvault is now a DD Boost ecosystem partner.

Dell Technologies Delivers First Quarter Fiscal 2024 Financial Results
Dell Technologies, Thursday, June 1,2023

First quarter revenue of $20.9 billion; Operating income of $1.1 billion and non-GAAP operating income of $1.6 billion

For Generative AI, Edge And Scale Compute, Think Poweredge
Dell Technologies, Friday, June 2,2023

Learn how the latest technology in PowerEdge can power your Generative AI, edge or scale-type workloads.

Improve Security In Three Steps With Dell And Absolute
Dell Technologies, Thursday, June 1,2023

Amp up your defense strategy with self-healing capabilities for your network. Explore Absolute Secure Access.

The Future Of Direct-Attached Storage Is 'Better Together'
Dell Technologies, Tuesday, May 30,2023

PowerVault MD Series simplifies the challenges of server capacity expansion and delivers high-speed application access to data.

Unlock The Power Of Your PC Ecosystem
Dell Technologies, Wednesday, May 31,2023

Leveraging one strategic partner for PC ecosystem services generates more benefits for IT.

Lenovo News
Lenovo Ranks Eighth In The Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 For 2023
Lenovo News, Tuesday, May 30,2023

Lenovo has once again been named in the Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 for 2023, ranking eighth in this list of global companies with supply chains.

Lenovo Thinkreality VRX Is Now Available In Select Markets Worldwide
Lenovo News, Tuesday, May 30,2023

Next-level VR headset in a compact form factor with mixed reality capabilities for immersive training, collaboration and 3D design

Reimagine The Possibilities With The New Motorola Razr Family
Lenovo News, Thursday, June 1,2023

As one of the first handheld devices to become a fashion statement, the motorola razr has bridged the gap between fashion and technology. Today, Motorola introduces the next generation of razr, proving once again that innovative design can redefine the smartphone experience.

Microsoft News
Building A Quantum-Safe Future
Microsoft News, Wednesday, May 31,2023

As innovation has progressed through radio, the internet, Wi-Fi, smartphones, and the Internet of Things, we have consistently faced security concerns with each technological milestone. Every new and disruptive technology comes with both opportunities and challenges.

Microsoft Celebrates Pride by Donating to LGBTQIA+ Nonprofits and inviting Everyone to Make Pride with open-source campaign
Microsoft News, Thursday, June 1,2023

This year we're celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Global LGBTQIA+ Employees and Allies at Microsoft (GLEAM) employee resource group that is a driving force for LGBTQIA+ inclusion and Pride at Microsoft around the world.

Reflections On AI And The Future Of Human Flourishing
Microsoft News, Tuesday, May 30,2023

Recent advances in artificial intelligence have sparked both wonder and anxiety as we contemplate its transformative potential.

IBM News
Accelerating AI & Innovation: The Future Of Banking Depends On Core Modernization
IBM News, Friday, June 2,2023

In the rapidly evolving landscape of financial services, embracing AI and digital innovation at scale has become imperative for banks to stay competitive.

IBM Cloud Databases For Elasticsearch End Of Life And Pricing Changes
IBM News, Thursday, June 1,2023

As part of our partnership with Elastic, IBM is announcing the release of a new version of IBM Cloud Databases for Elasticsearch. We are excited to bring you an enhanced offering of our enterprise-ready, fully managed Elasticsearch.

Modernizing Child Support Enforcement With Ibm And Aws
IBM News, Friday, June 2,2023

With 68% of child support enforcement (CSE) systems aging, most state agencies are currently modernizing them or preparing to modernize.

Preventive Maintenance Vs. Predictive Maintenance
IBM News, Wednesday, May 31,2023

Your maintenance strategy may not be the first thing that springs to mind when thinking about the bottom line. Yet, given that machinery, equipment and systems keep businesses running, maintenance strategies have a major role to play.

SEC's Climate Disclosure Rule Proposal Explained
IBM News, Friday, June 2,2023

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued a rule proposal to standardize the way organizations make climate-related disclosures.

Fortinet News
Fortinet Strengthens ZTNA Solution with User-based Risk Scoring
Fortinet News, Friday, June 2,2023

Zero-trust network access (ZTNA) emerged on the cybersecurity market a few years ago and shifted the standard approach to network access across industries.

Simplify SD-WAN Deployments With Industry-First Fabric Overlay Orchestrator
Fortinet News, Thursday, June 1,2023

In today's hyper-connected world, organizations require solutions that provide seamless and secure connectivity among remote devices, regardless of location. Software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) technology has emerged as a game-changer, enabling organizations to optimize network traffic more effectively and provide optimized access to remote devices and resources.

Red Hat News
Application-Driven Analytics: How To Embed Analytics In Applications Using Openshift And Mongodb Atlas
Red Hat News, Thursday, June 1,2023

Organizations generate a vast amount of data on a daily basis, and understanding it all is becoming increasingly difficult. To gain a competitive edge, companies need to harness the power of analytics to gain insights from their data. One of the most effective ways to do this is through application-driven analytics.

Building A High Performance 5G Network Architecture With An Open Hybrid Cloud
Red Hat News, Friday, June 2,2023

As customers' service and experience expectations continue to increase, technology must advance to meet or exceed them. In many cases, application speed and responsiveness play a critical role in providing innovative experiences.

Confidential Computing: From Root Of Trust To Actual Trust
Red Hat News, Friday, June 2,2023

This article is the fourth in a six-part series where we present various use cases for confidential computing-a set of technologies designed to protect data in use, like memory encryption, and what needs to be done to get the technologies' security and trust benefits.

Friday Five - June 2, 2023
Red Hat News, Friday, June 2,2023

The Friday Five is a weekly Red Hat blog post with 5 of the week's top news items and ideas from or about Red Hat and the technology industry. Consider it your weekly digest of things that caught our eye.

Performance Tracing Of Podman Using eBPF
Red Hat News, Thursday, June 1,2023

Performance tracing is an essential process that involves the collection, analysis and interpretation of system data. The primary objective of performance tracing is to identify bottlenecks, diagnose problems and optimize performance to ensure that systems operate within their limits.

Three Insights You Might Have Missed From Red Hat Summit
SiliconANGLE , Wednesday, May 31,2023

What's the future of open-source technology, and what innovation is taking place in the information technology landscape?

Citrix News
How Cloud Economics Can Help You Optimize DaaS Costs
Citrix News, Wednesday, May 31,2023

56 percent less hardware spending each year. That's how much organizations can potentially save with a desktop as a service (DaaS) solution.

What's New with Citrix - CVAD 2305 and Cloud Updates
Citrix News, Thursday, June 1,2023

It's no secret that Citrix continues to innovate and deliver new capabilities to make your environments more flexible, increase deployment speed, and improve end user experiences.

What's New with Citrix Session Recording - May 2023
Citrix News, Wednesday, May 31,2023

The majority of organizations using Citrix operate in hybrid deployments. Citrix is built to meet you where you are in your hybrid journey, and that flexibility extends to Citrix Session Recording.

IT - CxO Events
2023 Social Media Success Strategies (June 6th)
Tuesday, June 6th, 2023: 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM ET

Join us as we explore the latest social media trends and strategies for success, including the importance of an active online community, the rise of social search and how to use video to your advantage.

IDC: Changing IT: Practitioner Stories from IT's Front Line (June 7th)
Wednesday, June 7th, 2023: 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM ET

This session will frame both WHY delivering IT change is more important than ever for IT leaders and HOW five IT leaders successfully implemented meaningful IT changes.

InterSystems: Powering Startup Innovation (June 7th)
Wednesday, June 7th, 2023: 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM

InterSystems invites the South Florida Tech Hub community to attend a no charge one-day, in-person event designed to help healthcare startups with InterSystems technology, expertise, and resources.This is a NO-CHARGE event, (a $300 value), for the South Florida Tech Hub community!

Commvault: Data Protection Redefined (June 7th)
Wednesday, June 7th, 2023: 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM ET

Join Commvault on June 7th for an inside look at the latest security solutions that are redefining data protection for the hybrid cloud environment of today-and tomorrow.

DevOps: Putting the Network in Observability (June 13th)
Tuesday, June 13th, 2023: 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM

In this Techstrong Learning Experience, Techstrong Research GM Mike Rothman will be joined by Phillip Gervasi from Kentik to discuss how network observability adds depth and context to any APM or security analysis environment. Mike will also highlight data from a recent network observability survey done by Techstrong Research.

CSA: How to Fortify Your Salesforce Ecosystem Security (June 20th)
Tuesday, June 20th, 2023: 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Nearly every enterprise relies on Salesforce to manage customer relationships and build new applications designed to drive business outcomes and innovation. But a secure Salesforce environment requires more than configuration management to mitigate a SaaS breach.

DevOps Building Blocks: Building on the Shoulders of DevOps Giants (June 21st)
Wednesday, June 21st , 2023: 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Join us as four DevOps leaders discuss the latest DevOps trends, best practices, processes and tools that will empower you to deliver high-quality software faster and increase business value.

DevOps: Accelerating Application Modernization (June 22nd)
Thursday, June 22nd, 2023: 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM

Updating applications can be a complex process and choosing the right approach requires careful consideration of various factors. These include the type of application, the organization's needs and the level of urgency.

Network Resilience Boot Camp (June 29th)
Thursday, June 29th, 2023: 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM ET

This event will explore why network resilience is so critical today. It will also look at the technologies and tools that can help ensure resiliency, the associated staffing and cost issues, and other factors.

IT - CxO Security Events
CSO's Future of Cybersecurity Summit (June 8th)
Thursday, June 8th, 2023: 11:30 PM to 5:10 PM ET

Cybercrime, ransomware, phishing - cyber threats continue to escalate as businesses become more digital, the economy continues to waver, and the security skills shortage shows no sign of abating. How do you decide where to deploy your precious resources across a vast and high-stakes landscape?

Expert Roundtable: Data Security, Trust, and Privacy for Analytics in the Cloud (June 8th)
Thursday, June 8th, 2023: 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

Join us June 8, 2023 at Noon Eastern for a virtual roundtable where our panel of experts from Snowflake, Satori, and Monte Carlo will explore "Data Security, Trust, and Privacy for Analytics in the Cloud." Registration is quick and free, so sign-up now to watch the live event.

DevOps: DevSecOps (June 12th)
Monday, June 12th, 2023: 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM

DevSecOps best practices are increasingly being adopted to better secure software supply chains.

DARKReading: Here's What Zero Trust Really Means (June 13th)
Tuesday, June 13th, 2023: 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM

In this webinar, learn how to implement the zero-trust philosophy into practice, how to overcome challenges along the way, and what benefits you'll realize right away. See what the zero-trust journey would look like for your organization.

Google Cloud Security Summit (June 13th)
Tuesday, June 13th, 2023: 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Join this event to get frontline insights from Google Cloud and Mandiant experts. And dive into cutting-edge innovations that can enhance your security posture everywhere you operate.

DARKReading: Anatomy Of A Data Breach: And What To Do If It Happens To You (June 22nd)
Thursday, June 22nd, 2023: 11:00 PM to 5:00 PM ET

A full-day virtual event on the missteps and vulnerabilities that lead to security incidents and breaches - and how to respond to an attack.

Security Field Day 9 (June 28th-29th)
Wednesday, June 28th, 2023: 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM Thursday, June 29th

Live streaming video will appear on this page and on the Tech Field Day LinkedIn page during the event if available.

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